Supporting Partner

Enjoy the privileges of executive membership now.

Cement your organisation’s relationship with HVIA as a permanent partner.

This special partnership offering includes a Corporate Membership, membership to HVIA’s Executive Club and numerous opportunities to ensure your business is front of mind for our members and stakeholders.

You’ll also have access to information, conversations and working groups on issues that are important to you – engaging directly with our members who are directly impacted.

Your HVIA Supporting Partnership also gives you first access to new opportunities.

For instance, you’ll have first bite at hole sponsorships at the HVIA golf events, HVIA awards or Brisbane Truck Show opportunities.

HVIA Supporting Partner
$10,000 (ex GST) annual membership includes:

  • HVIA Corporate Membership
  • HVIA Executive Club Membership
  • A whole range of ongoing benefits
  • First opportunity to sponsor HVIA events
Some of the inclusions in your Supporting Partner package:
  • Connect and engage with companies with an experience that gets your message in front of the right people at the right time.
  • HVIA works closely with our event partners to develop avenues for effective branding and messaging, as well as connections and targeted introductions.

In a bit more detail

Entitlements include the following:
  • HVIA Corporate Membership
  • Flat fee regardless of company size
  • All HVIA member services can be utilised by any of the partner company’s team, from any company owned office or branch. That includes participation in HVIA State Committees, working groups and even attendance at HVIA Executive Club events.
  • Does not include voting rights at AGM or EGM’s
  • HVIA Executive Club Membership
  • The HVIA Executive Club is designed for industry leaders to get together on a regular basis to share knowledge and discuss common issues with their peers across the heavy vehicle industry.
It is a forum for executives to build networks and develop relationships with peers, as well as gaining access to decision makers; it offers a major additional benefit for HVIA members.
First opportunity to sponsor HVIA events
You will be given the first opportunity to take up HVIA event sponsorship before anyone else.
Events include:
  • 2023 Brisbane Truck Show
  • Golf events – HVIA Royal Pines 9-Hole Teams Shootout
  • Membership events including HVIA State Committee member forums and events/training
  • Opportunity to host HVIA Executive Club
  • Parliamentary Events
Ongoing benefits
Throughout the year you will gain exposure via our various channels:
  • Digital – HVIA website, Brisbane Truck Show website, HVIA weekly EDM: Talk the Torque
  • Literature – (collateral) in Membership Kits distributed by our Regional Managers, on display at HVIA Member Forums (across Australia)
  • Social Media – Proactive sharing of content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook (Brisbane Truck Show)

Expression of interest

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